:: The Analog Studio :: Located in Vantaa, Finland
Tape recorder: Fostex G16S (16 Track)
Pre amps: SSL x 10
Mixer: Soundcraft
Microphones: Neumann U67 Tube powered x2, Shoeps Stereo x1, Sennheisers, Shures (SM57 & 58), AKGs, etc
Reverb: EMT tube powered stereo reverb-plates x2
Limiter-compressors: Urei LA4 x4, Urei 1176 x6, TLA tube x2
DAT-recorders: Fostex x1, Sony x1
Speakers: Proxonic Pro X, 3 types of Lo-Fi speakers
Amplifiers: Marshall JCM 800 combo, Vox AC 50 head x3, Rikstone 30W Class A combo, Rikstone 30W Class A head
Drums: Vintage Premier drum set, Cymbals: K-Zildjian vintage ride, A-Zildjian vintage ride, A-Zildjian hihats and vintage crashes, Paiste China crash-ride, etc.
Please check the sound quality of Sweet Nina (HCD-05) and Supernatural Bond's CD World of Mystery (SNBCD001) for reference.
Please contact Hasse for more information.